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Our Sergio wines have a focus on the land. These small limited offerings of single-vineyard designate wines capture the nuances of the climate and terroir. Each vineyard site is meticulously farmed to produce the best quality fruit. The low yields and attention to detail ensure optimum ripeness for every given vintage.


Only the top barrels are selected from each vineyard to showcase the purest expression of fruit and soil. These are unapologetically bold wines that are fruit-forward and drinkable now yet have the potential to age gracefully in the cellar.


The single-vineyard designate Sergio wines are formidable and dynamic expressions of how terroir and artisanal winemaking come together to create a deeply satisfying experience. Click on the links to access the complete wine facts and tasting notes.

2015 Sergio Cabernet Sauvignon

Arcano Vineyard, Napa Valley

2015 Sergio Grenache

Steel Plow Vineyard, Sonoma Valley

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